Monday, March 26, 2007

The final countdown...

Four more days until I am free! My Spring Break officially begins Friday night.

This weekend is going to be crazy busy as one of my best friends is getting married. I am really excited about it! I am her unofficial candid shots photographer. Of course, she is going to have a pro also, but it's still pretty cool. Plus I get to have my make up done by a make up artist. That's going to be nice. But best of all, I found a super hot dress and shoes (for super cheap) to wear to the wedding! Nothing beats something new and hot to wear!

After the wedding chaos, I plan on relaxing on a sunny, sandy beach in the Florida Keys. Nah! Who am I kidding? There is too much to do to be relaxing! I have a snorkeling trip reserved and so many other great plans. But best of all, was the news I got on my voicemail from Best Friend today..."Hey, I just reserved our trip to Dry Tortugas!" I am about to burst with excitement! For a while there, it didn't look like we were going to be able to pull it off. I don't know why we were such doubters, though. Pulling off great trips is the one thing that happens to always go right in my life.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to post again later this week. I will certainly post some wedding pics.

For now, it's 4 days and counting down! Viva le Conch Republic!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Dream Of...Scary Things.

I rarely have memorable dreams (mostly due to the fact that I rarely sleep) but it still happens from time to time. And when I do remember my dreams, they can be quite entertaining. I have dreamed of such hilarious things that I wake up laughing. I have awakened angry, confused, and extremely happy because of my dreams. I have even had a few dreams that have come true exactly as dreamed. However, the most common type of dreams I have are of natural disasters.

I have dreamed that I was on the Gulf of Mexico when a ferocious category 5 hurricane blew in tsunami-style waves that were high enough to blow completely over the hotel I was staying in on the beach. I watched in terror from my balcony as the slow motion wave moved in closer and closer until I ran to the center of the room screaming and then watched the wave sweep over the building and until dark water covers the windows. Then it recedes and I am fine—and dry!

I have had many tornado dreams. I have actually been in a tornado (well, not in it like Dorothy, but the funnel touched down less than a mile from my house) so the details in the tornado dream are always vivid and realistic. Of the numerous times I have had the tornado dream, the story is always the same: I see tornado coming. I take cover and hear it roar by. Stuff flies all around me and things break. I emerge unhurt in the end.

I have survived earthquakes and avalanches in my dreams, too. In fact, the common theme seems to be that I can survive any natural disaster—except one. And unfortunately, it is the recurring dream that I have the most. I dream that a giant meteor hits the earth with great detail at least 4 times a year. No one survives, not even me, the great natural disaster escapist.

Here’s the latest version of the dream I just had early this week:

I am best friends with this guy that I have known since my elementary school days. I’ll call him Skip. (Because that is his real name. Why invent a code name when your real name is something like that?) Now, in real life, Skip and I weren’t friends when we met in the fourth grade. Let’s take a trip down memory lane…He was one of those mean, stinky boys who liked to pop girls’ bra straps. I remember when our teacher Mrs. Parr moved his desk right next to mine. He was moved because he was torturing Beth. I looked right at him before he even had a chance to take his new seat and said, “Don’t you even look at me, Skip!” He replied with a wry smile, “I don’t want to.” I stuck my tongue out at him and flipped my long hair over my shoulder. About five minutes later he began throwing little pieces of wet wadded up paper at me. I glared at him. “I said you better not bother me!” In a mocking tone he retorted, “No you didn’t! You said not to look at you. You didn’t say anything about not throwing spitballs at you!” I gasp. “Ewwww! Groooooss! I hate you Skip!” Flash ahead a few years and you’d see that he wasn’t much better in high school. He did turn into somewhat of a ladies’ man, though I couldn’t understand why. And he never could understand why I kept telling him that I didn’t want to go out with him in his redneck truck, though he specified that he wouldn’t shoot spitballs at me this time, but he said he couldn’t guarantee that there wouldn’t be some spitting going on. Ewww! He was such a great catch.

So back to the dream…He and I were all chummy. But it was one of those circumstances that I knew that I liked him more than in just a best friend kind of way. (I’m trying not to gag.) Now Skip must have grown a brain or something because in this dream he had a very good, high paying job with either NASA or some other government agency with access to knowledge that the general public is kept in the dark about.

Skip and I spent every day going out after work, discussing our work days. I was excited because I had started to notice signs that maybe Skip liked me in a more that best friend type way, too. (Yuck) One weekend, my darling Skip came over. We were in my room. We had just finished watching a movie and were lying side by side on the bed. (My skin is crawling.) Suddenly, he turns to me, cups the sides of my face with his hands and looks deep in my eyes and said, “I have to tell you that what we were worried about is going to happen.” I begin to cry because I know that a meteor was going to strike. I asked him, “Do you know when? I mean don’t tell me when, but do you know?” With a serious look upon his face, he replies, “Yes. I know when…almost to the hour.” Blinking back tears and swallowing with difficulty I asked, “It’s soon isn’t it? I mean don’t tell me when, but it’s soon, isn’t it?” He nodded a solemn yes then added, “But you have enough time to accomplish some of the things you’ve always wanted to do.” I think this over and then ball like a girly-girl. Between sobs, I manage to say, “No..I-I d-don’t! The only thing I w-w-want to d-do is get m-m-married to a m-man I love before I die.” Being the sweet, caring friend that Skip was, he listened to my dream of marrying the man of my dreams who just so happened to be him. (As sad as that fact stands.) After listening to me ball my eyes out, I ask him if anyone else knows and if the news will ever be revealed to the public. “No,” he said. “The only people that know are the people in my office and of course, the Oval Office. There is nothing that can be done to prevent the meteor. We have studied it for years and there is nothing to be done about one that’s nearly half the size of the moon. It will destroy Earth. The agency has decided that it would be best to not cause panic over something that can’t be stopped. Life should go on as usual.” In dreamy, tear filled eyes I ask Skip, “So why did you tell me?” He smiled. “Because I care for you so much more than you know and I would feel like I was betraying you by not sharing something this important with you.” And then he (I’m really about to get sick) kissed me.

The next day, Skip showed up at my place with an engagement ring and said that he loved me and wanted to make my dreams of marriage come true. He reassured me that we would have enough time left to enjoy our lives together. So we flew off to Vegas and got married. (Ick.) He made my dream of staying in a cabin complete with a hot tub in the snowcapped mountains by a clear, flowing mountain stream come true on our honeymoon. Supposedly, we were in Colorado, but I tried to argue with him that it was the Uintas, but he didn’t listen to me. He said we were near Aspen because he could see Pike’s Peak (which is actually near Colorado Springs, not Aspen) Anyway, wherever we were, I had this dread in my heart. I knew that my life was going to end at any given moment. I suspected that, by Skip fulfilling my dream honeymoon, meant that the meteor was fast on its way. Skip, after all, had mentioned that there was nothing more than he wanted than for me to die happy.

So we skied, we hiked, we enjoyed the hot tub, and enjoyed some good food. On the third day, he suggested that we say in that night and dine in our cabin. I knew this was it. I didn’t have to ask; I just knew. I called my family and friends who couldn’t understand why I was so sad talking to them while I was on my honeymoon and why I couldn’t say enough how much I loved them and how I wished I could see them.

That evening, I could hardly eat. Skip was acting very nervous and glancing at the clock. The darkness of night fell upon the mountain range. Skip and I sat in candlelight acting very lovey-dovey and emotional. Then there was a brightness outside the window and I began to run toward the window to look out. Skip tries to hold me back but I reassure him that I knew what was happening, so we walk hand-in-hand to the window and look skyward. Hundreds of small fireballs were falling from the sky like beautiful, streaming fireworks on the Fourth of July. Small fires were beginning to blaze in the nearby forest. “It’s beautiful”, I whisper as I begin to cry. Skip pulls me closer. Then the sky was filled with a fireball so big and bright that I couldn’t bear to look at it. The two of us fell to our knees, facedown to the ground still holding hands. The light was so intensely bright. “I love you,” I heard him mutter but before I could respond I heard the loudest boom and felt an unbearable heat that lasted for less than a second. Then there was nothing.

…except the bump of me hitting the floor as I fell out of my bed in real life. I woke up breathless. The dream felt so real. My falling scared my cat who was sleeping on the bottom of my bed with me so much that she ran under the bed. I lay there panting for a while on my floor. The cat came out from under the bed and began to sniff me to make sure I was still alive. I finally got up and got into my bed…just in time for my alarm clock to go off and send me into cardiac arrest for the second time.

At work that very same day, one of my co-workers mentioned to me that she had just read that a large meteor s aligned to strike Earth in about 20 years. My heart sank. I seriously wonder if this might happen one day. I have dreamed it so many times. And unlike all my other brave natural disaster dreams, I do not live to tell the tale.

Now, if you’ll pardon me for a moment, I have some issues to take up with God…
Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy…Ok God, I’m just going to level with you. If it is your will to destroy Earth with fire, I can accept this. But come on! Skip? Are you kidding me? I mean, if I am going to burn alive in a frightening death, isn’t that enough? Is it too much to ask you to send me Orlando Bloom for a husband instead, if only for 3 days? (Come on...or at least someone I at least like as a friend!) Amen.

Okay, I'm back. I hope your dreams are sweeter than mine. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

What my blog says

First of all, I want to thank everyone that took the time out to answer all of my questions. A few of you emailed me with answers and some of you responded in the comment section. There were 10 responses in all and I have to admit that, considering the number of questions and amount of thought that some of them required, I didn’t think I would have that many respond. I have some awesome readers!

This is the conclusion to my "What does a blog say?” experiment: Not much. At least mine doesn’t. Most of you got the adventure questions right, though. When I started this blog, its sole purpose was for telling the tales of my travels. I didn’t intend to use it as a diary. I didn’t want anyone to know me. However, a few times, I have vented or expressed my feelings on a topic that was pressing to me at the time. Still, I realize that I have revealed very little about myself in the big scheme of things. Taking this into consideration, I have to say that everyone did a good job with their guesses.

The person with the most correct answers was the Grunt. He got more questions right than some friends who have known me forever. I think he deserves a prize! I don’t know what the grand prize will be, but I’ll think of something!

So here are my answers…
1. Either you know my real name or you don’t! hahaha.
2. My eyes are blue.
3. I am always wearing different styles of clothing. (Jeans, skirts, capris, khakis, ect.)
4. My favorite food is Mexican. (Just had it today, by the way!)
5. My junk food weakness is ice cream. I am not one much on sweets, but I must have ice cream year round—even if its 20 degrees!)
6. If you caught me shopping, I’d be buying shoes. It’s a disease!
7. My biggest pet peeve is when someone makes an assumption about me. I know what I think; you don’t! Ask me if you want to know!
8. I am not into water skiing. The place I have do that is Lake Lanier and it’s too icky.
9. My favorite song of all time is “Over the Hills and Far Away” by Led Zeppelin. I love the music, lyrics, and nostalgic feel when I hear it.
10. Unless my iPod is stolen, you will NEVER find “No Rain” by Blind Melon on my play list. I HATE that song with an unholy passion.
11. I want to go to Peru badly.
12. I have never been to Michigan. (but I want to go there sometime. SS, you will have to advise me.)
13. I’ve never been to Mt. Rushmore, but I want to go there, too.
14. Unfortunately, I have been charged by a bear, became severely dehydrated (because I ran out of water), barely missed being stabbed on a trail by a crazy man, and almost tumbled to my death in the Ozarks--all while hiking. But I have never gotten lost!
15. I have never been rock climbing (but want to try it out) and I have never Scuba dived (and I plan on NEVER doing that.)
16. I was involved romantically with 2 losers last year.
17. The 3 qualities that the next lucky man must possess to NOT become the next loser are: Intelligence, Sense of humor, and Openness.
18. When I asked one of my oldest friends to describe me in one word, she replied Enthusiastic.
19. I would describe myself as Passionate. Whatever I am into, I give it my all.
20. I am very outgoing. (Even when I don’t feel like it)
21. I’m sorry to say that I am a very friendly drunk. One who is very fond of every one, one who blurts out the truth, and one who becomes quite musical. And these reasons were enough for me to stop. The one thing I never did (thank God) was beat anyone up.
22. I do NOT believe in Karma. What a load of crap Karma is!
23. I grew up in the country on a dirt road. Now I live in the city. But I wish I lived in the mountains.

Now you all know a few things about me. I guess it's time for me to go back to being “mysterious” and writing about my trips.

And speaking of trips…Only 10 more workdays until Spring Break! Woo-hoo!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What does a blog say?

Finally, I located enough pieces of my computer to get it to function. And FINALLY, here are those questions I posted then took down. I know it's long, but I'd like to know just how well you know a person by reading their blog. I’ve seen a lot of this type of post lately and I thought I would see just how well you all “know” me. Of course, those friends of the three-dimensional type will (hopefully?) know me best, but I still thought it would be fun to see. I am not sure that any of you will know me that well being as that I rarely write much about my personal life.

I will reveal my answers and see who knows me best on Sunday. I know you can't wait!

Let’s see if you would recognize me on the street….

1. Do you know my real name?
A. No. You’re OG to me.
B. I know your first name only.
C. I know your whole name.

2. What color are my eyes?
A. Brown
B. Blue
C. Green

3. I am always wearing…
A. Jeans
B. Hiking boots
C. Khaki pants
D. Different styles of clothing

What you know about my likes and dislikes…

4. My favorite food is…
A. Anything sweet
B. Mexican
C. Chinese
D. Salad

5. My junk food weakness is…
A. Ice cream
B. Fries
C. Beer
D. I have no weaknesses

6. If you were to catch me shopping (a rare event), what would I be buying?
A. CDs
B. Movies
C. Shoes
D. Clothes

7. One of my pet peeves is…
A. People who talk too fast
B. People who won’t answer their phones
C. When people make assumptions about what I am thinking
D. People who drink too much alcohol

8. Which of these things am I not in to?
A. Snorkeling
B. Water skiing
C. Jogging
D. Photography
E. Painting

9. What’s my favorite song of all time?
A. "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett
B. "Lay Your Hands on Me" by Bon Jovi
C. "Over the Hills and Far Away" by Led Zeppelin
D. "Ocean Front Property" by George Strait

10. Which of these songs will you not find on my iPod?
A. "No Rain" by Blind Melon
B. "Hey Ya!" by OutKast
C. "Hard Luck Woman" by Kiss
D. "Whispering Jesse" by John Denver
E. "Already Gone" by The Eagles
F. "Photograph" by Def Leppard

What do you know of my adventurous spirit?

11. Of these choices, which place do I want to go to the most?
A. India
B. China
C. Peru
D. Costa Rica

12. In which of these states have I never been?
A. Michigan
B. Iowa
C. Oregon
D. Texas

13. Name the American Icon that I have never seen
A. Statue of Liberty, NYC
B. Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO
C. Washington Monument, D.C.
D. Grand Canyon, AZ
E. Mt. Rushmore, SD
F. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

14. Which of the following have never happened to me while hiking?
A. Severe dehydration
B. Came across a stabber
C. Was charged by a bear
D. Got lost
E. Almost fell from a high rock ledge

15. Which of these activities have I participated in? (May be more than 1 answer)
A. River rafting
B. Jeeping
C. Rock Climbing
D. Snowboarding
E. Scuba Diving
F. Backpacking

What do you know about my love life?

16. How many men did I become romantically involved with in 2006? (This includes only guys I went out with more than once and developed some sort of relationship with.)
A. 3
B. 2
C. 1
D. None.

17. What are the three qualities one must have for me to date them?
A. Athletic, rich, and sense of humor
B. Intelligence, sense of humor, and openness
C. Openness, athletic, and same hobbies/interests
D. Same hobbies/interests, love for animals, and ambition

How well do you know me on a personal level?

18. When I asked a friend to define me in one word, she said:
A. Mean
B. Enthusiastic
C. Crazy
D. Kind

19. I would describe myself as:
A. Weird
B. Funny
C. Passionate
D. Happy

20. My personality can be described as:
A. Outgoing
B. Reserved
C. Introverted
D. Bossy

21. The reason I no longer consume large amounts of alcohol is:
A. I beat people up
B. I begin to sing “Bette Davis Eyes” lounge singer style to everyone
C. I become way too friendly with everyone
D. The hangovers hurt too much nowadays
E. All but A.
F. All but B.

22. What do I not believe in?
A. Ghosts
B. God
C. Karma
D. Power of faith

23. I grew up:
A. On a dirt road in the country
B. In the city
C. In the mountain region of Ga.

Remember to check back in on Sunday (or later) to see who knows me best. All of you who do this for me are my best friends and I'll love you forever!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Again, I have nothing. I was going to post my questionnaire thingy tonight. As I already said, it is saved on my desktop. It's more than a little difficult to pull up files from my desktop when the plug to the CPU is missing. I can't stand being this disorganized. I am already looking forward to the weekend so I can have the time to pull myself (or at least my bedroom) together.

(Super Villain and JM... if you two happen to remember which box/bag/whatever that you packed the power chord in, PLEASE call me! Other than this and my balance ball popping, there were no other casualties. Not too bad. :)

I am determined to find that power chord, so please don't give up on me blog buddies!

I hate moving.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Life in the fast lane

It seems, at least, that I am living my life in the fast lane lately, though not by the traditional partying life style. It does seem that my life is flying by at the speed of light and I'm left behind saying, "huh?" I have been busy, busy, BUSY lately and this is the reason that my posting has been slow to non-existant. I do still read everyone's blogs, though--Just so you know!

I moved over the weekend (with the stomach flu) and I'm pretty tired still. I love it where I am, though, and am happy about the move. (Even though I wasn't expecting to move this soon nor was I really prepared.) But never fear, I am still one happy girl and have lots to say/write! I am just short on the time right now. I can see that I will be able to slow down very soon and begin posting more regularly. (Good news for all you fans, I'm sure ;)

Last week I posted some questions to see how well my blog (and real life) friends know me. I know that I am not one to post many very personal things about myself and wondered just how much you all know about me based on this blog. I took the post down the next day because I began to wonder if anyone would answer the questions (because there were 22 of them) and I also wasn't sure if I'd have the time to check in during my move. Well, now the move is over and I am settling in. I recieved a couple of emails and a couple of comments from some of you wondering why I took it down...SOOOO I have decided to put it back up! The problem? Oh yeah, it's saved on my desktop and I do not have it set up and functioning yet! (Seriously, if you could only see the boxes surrounding me here!) But I will maybe set it back up tomorrow night so those of you who are interested in seeing how well you know me (because I am very interested to know, too!) check back and I'll have them posted again soon.

I hope everyone is well!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bachelorette Party in Savannah!

As always Savannah was a blast. You would think that after as many trips as I have taken there, I would tire of the place but I can never see that happening. I consider myself a “Savannah Expert” but every time I go there, I learn things that I didn’t know before and I can still find new things to do there.

This trip was special since it was my friend, Red’s bachelorette party. Here we are all ready to go! (Left to right: Ash, La-la, me, and Red.) We had one more friend, Suz, meet up with us in Savannah.

We stayed at the River Street Inn, which was awesome! The building in which the hotel is located was once used as a huge cotton warehouse and the original brick walls dating back to 1817 are still visible throughout the hotel. We had a view of the Savannah River with all the huge ships passing through as well as great people-watching opportunities over River Street. I was in love with the huge windows and spent most of our in-hotel time sitting in one staring outside. (...Until I noticed this creepy guy staring at me from below. I waved at him and he waved back and kept staring so I gave him a thumbs-up. And when he just stood there smiling and staring, I decided to hop out of the window for a while.)
Here's our room with the awesome windows. You can see the river in the background.

The hotel location was incredible because not only were we right on River Street (and next to Wet Willie's) and across Bay Street from the beginning of the historical squares, but also next to two of my favorite buildings on River Street, The Old Cotton Exchange and Savannah City Hall.
Here's a blurry (no tripod used) picture of the City Hall just past sunset. The gold dome reminds me of the State Capital's dome in Atlanta.

And did I happen to mention just how pretty River Street is at night? We had awesome views of it all from our room.

This is the Talmadge Bridge which spans the river. Only two miles across the bridge is South Carolina State Line.

So enough about our hotel! I just made sure to enjoy it because at the price it cost to stay there, it was a once in a lifetime thing!

We ate at many cool restaurants during our stay. Food is one of the main reasons I go to Savannah in the first place! And I made sure to get my seafood "fix" while I was there. Mmmmm.
This is the Pirate's House Restaurant. The house (then called the Herb House) that is now a part of the restaurant is the oldest house in Georgia, built in 1734.
In 1753, it opened as an Inn for seafarers and soon became a meeting place for pirates. Blackbeard was known to frequent here. But it's Captain Flint, of Treasure Island fame, that is said to have died in an upstairs room and still roam the place. Many of the restaurant employees claim to have a run-in with his ghost.
The captain isn't the only ghost around here, though. Savannah is known to have an underground system of tunnels throughout the city. This tunnel entrance inside the Pirate's House was discovered in the 1960s. It's believed to lead to the river and believed to have been used by pirates for smuggling. There are rumors that some people were kidnapped and taken aboard the pirate ships. Disembodied screams and voices are often heard from the tunnel. By the way, isn't the pirate skeleton at the bottom a nice touch?!
But back to the food...Did your mom ever tell you not to play with your food? Well, if she did and you listened, you could have been missing out on some real fun...especially if you have fish fillet sandwhich in which the fillet is 3 times the size of the bun!

Oh and the fun you missed out on when your crawfish decided to stike back!

And to think this was before alcohol was involved!

Speaking of which... I did enjoy several Amaretto Sours during our Pub Crawl, but didn't become incoherrent the entire evening! What has become of the girl I used to know?

I got old, that's what!

That's not to say that we still don't know how to party, though!

Here we are sitting on River Street just before making our rounds to Wet Willie's. Suz is with us on the right end in this picture.

Suz stayed in the awesome, super-expensive, super-haunted Marshall House a couple of blocks away. As soon as I discovered, she was staying there, I immediately invited myself over! The Marshall House is one of the oldest running hotels around town. But the Marshall House was also used as a makeshift Civil War Hospital for Union troops. During a renovation of the hotel in the 1990's hundreds of arms, legs, hands, and feet bones discarded from amputations during the Civil War were found buried beneath the floorboards. There are many reported Civil War hauntings as well as children haunting the hotel. (If you stay here and happen to get room 304, don't worry. If the spirit that haunts the room becomes too much for you, the Marshall House will pay for your room at another hotel.) The long halls in this place are like something straight from The Shining. Red and Ash were renacting a scene from movie beckoning Suz to "come and play with me". What can I say? My friends are creepy and that's partly why I like them!

Other highlights from our trip...The waiter we had at the Pirate's House was hot and Ash and I saw him later that night walking down the street while we were on our Pub Crawl. He came up to me and put his hand on my arm and asked if I was having a good time and said, "Remember me? I was your waiter today!" Well, hell yeah I remembered! And for the rest of the night I was happy because he remembered me and so that means he liked me. Yes, I know that he is most likely just one of those people who remembers faces, but this is my story, damn it! And I'll tell it my way! So yeah, he totally liked me.

Our tour guide for the Haunted Pub Crawl is a historian and the author of one of the books I have on Savannah. He was such a cool guy. I wish that I had made the connection then as to who he was. Maybe he could have helped me with collecting information for the book I have been writing (for like 3 years..haha) on Savannah! And I had just been talking that night with the girls about just packing up my life and leaving north Georgia for coastal Georgia. I told them that I thought I could find another teaching job there and could take a tour guide job in the summer (since everyone tells me I should be a Savannah tour guide) and this guy owns and operates his own tour company. That's something else he could've helped me out with! Oh yeah, he was cute, too.

I visited a cemetery that I had never been to before in Savannah, Laurel Grove. It was pretty, but still nothing in comparison to Bonaventure Cemetery. The azaleas were in bloom and everything was so springy and green there (as well as the rest of the city). I hear that several famous Savannahians are buried here, but I am not sure who they are. I did find the Girl Scouts founder, Juliette Gordon Low's grave though.

It was another great trip. And as always, I am looking forward to going back to Savannah.