Monday, December 03, 2007

Tis the Season...

I guess I am overdue a new post. It's a new month after all. And as of a week ago, I started a new year of my life. And it is now officially the Christmas holiday season. Again.

I am doing my best to try to fight against my grinchy, scroogey behavior and enjoy the season. It's not easy, but at least I am trying. I wonder why it isn't as joyous and exciting as it was so long ago. Oh and another question...Why does Christmas have to choose the one time of year that I am always super broke? Wait a second...let me rephrase that. (After all, I am trying to give up the Grinch). What I meant to say is, why of all the times of the year to be my brokest, must it always be Christmas?

That being said, just how tacky are homemade gifts? Be honest now!

Now it's time for a confession: I have been scrimping and saving for a trip that I have been wanting to take to Costa Rica for quite a while now. So I guess that it is not that I am super broke, really. It's more like I just don't make enough money to travel the way I love to. I can afford it (and what little I can't, Visa can) so Best Friend and I are planning right now. It is so hard for our schedules to mesh nowadays that we are having to keep our fingers tightly crossed and just hope for the best. I am hoping that I will blogging about toucans, tree frogs, and zip lines over my Christmas break. Now wouldn't that be much more interesting than hearing about my stomach virus like you did last Christmas?