Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snowy shots

My spring break trip to Utah did not go exactly as planned. I flew out later than I had wanted, spent less time out there, did not hike, and did not go snowboarding. However, I still had a great time. I spent all my time with my friends and "adoptive" family out there which made the entire trip worth it...even if I did have to fly into Philadelphia (which is, unlike you may have heard, NOT the city of brotherly love) first to come back home.

What is even more surprising than me having a relaxing, low-adventure trip is that I came back home with less than 20 photos on my digital camera! That is an alarming low number for a camera freak like me! Still, I think that the ones I took are very scenic. I can't take full credit for the handful of picutres I took. I couldn't have gotten there if it weren't for my buddy, the Grunt and the assistance of Clyde, his faithful truck.

I have to say that the movie we watched totally sucked, but the drive through the snowy mountains and walk around the thawing pond was awesome. Thanks for taking me to play in the snow, Grunt!