Monday, August 25, 2008

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down!

Okay, so is it just me or are these kid statues really creepy? I don't know what it is about it...maybe because they look as if they materialized right from the tree, possibly it's their old fashioned clothes, but most likely it is just because the statues are kids.

Of course, I don't think kids are always creepy. After all ,I work with them. But they can have a certain demonic quality about them when angered and believe me; they can stare you down, too! Besides, have you ever noticed that all the creepiest horror movies either include or center around kids? (such as Damien in The Omen, Children of the Corn, Village of the Damned, etc.) So yeah, I think kids can be a bit creepy...Especially when you happen to notice them late one evening in the darkess playing Ring Around the Rosie while going through the drive thru at your favorite chicken restaurant just across the street ( mmm...Zaxby's!) like I did.

One evening, after a tasty meal at Zaxby's, my roommate decided to join in with the creepy kids for a game of Ring Around the Rosie. By the way, I also find that particular game creepy. Any song about the Bubonic Plague--The Black Death for pete's sake!--has to be a bit creepy, no?

What is funny is that the city actually named this "The Friendship Ring" and considers this deocrative and even plopped a bench or two down and declared this a park. Yeah, this is totally where I want to do to unwind after a hard day at work. Who wants to join me?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rollin' on a river

I tried kayaking for the first time this weekend. The sport of kayaking has always appealed to me. Or let me rephrase that…The thought of kayaking appealed to me, but I wasn't sure that I would ever really try it. It's that little drowning phobia of mine that always got in the way. For some reason, being in a river or murky lake creeps me out. Still, I wanted to try and I did and I loved it!

My friends SV, Movie Chick, and I paddled down the beautiful Chattahoochee River from the Buford Dam to Settle's Bridge. Immediately after launching, we hit small rapids along Bowman Island. I freaked out at first every time my kayak rocked. But as I gained my balance, learned how to control my movements, and how to dodge shoals and fallen tree limbs, I relaxed and enjoyed myself.
This stretch of the Chattahoochee was a nice mix of relaxing, smooth waters and stretches of fun rapids. The picture on the left is of Movie Chick and me hitting our first smooth run.

Movie Chick is doing a fabulous job. She became a master of the art of freeing oneself from dangerous rocks.

SV became our expert geese chaser. Unfortunately, the flock rejected him and flew away as soon as he reached them.

And me...Well, let's just say that I was (overly) proud of myself for not hyperventilating when I heard the rushing rapids ahead of me. Also, I didn't see any snakes, so that was good. This water rarely reaches above 50 degrees even during our smoldering summers, so I feel that keeps the snakes to a minimum.

Now I know how flat the water looks in these pictures. But I promise there really were some rapids along the way! I wish I had some shots of that to share, but whenever we hit rapids I was a little preoccupied with not tipping over. The largest one on the section we kayaked is known as "The Hump". Since I don't have a shot of "The Hump" of my own, I found this one online:

See! I told you there are rapids!

Besides, would we really be this wet afterwards if the water was glass smooth? Oh, and did I happen to mention the water temperature? Brrrrrrr!

But all the fun was rapidly (insert audience laughter here) over and it was time to load up the kayaks and go.
This was our take-out place by Settle's Bridge.

It was so much fun that we are all going again this weekend. And this time I will remember to bring a change of clothes.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Randomness

I usually don't do memes, but I saw this one on a friend's blog and thought I would cave in and share three dorky facts about myself. Besides, I really don't have that much to say right now.
Here goes:

1. Even though I have a real lunch box cooler thingy, I prefer to take my lunch to work in a store bag usually a Target or Kohl's bag. Today it was a nice paper Bath & Body Works bag with handles and everything!

2. Though every bra I own has its own color and design coordinating panty match, I am too lazy in the morning to care about digging through my dresser to coordinate. Way too often my underwear doesn't match. And I don't mean that I wear white panties with a beige bra. Oh no, not me! It's more like I wear my blue and purple plaid patterned bra with my hot pink panties trimmed in green and polka dots. (Not that this is what I am wearning right now or anything.) I just hope I don't ever have some medical emergency that would render me a trip to the ER where I have to get naked. Well, naked I could handle. Just don't look at my undies!

3. I watched so much of Rock of Love with Brett Michaels that I was inspired to download "Talk Dirty to Me" as my ringtone. Now every time someone calls me, it is like they are telling me to talk dirty to them. I still giggle about it every time. It's hilarious when my friends call and makes me all giggly if a cute guy calls. The only time it is not so cool is when my parents call.


So today is the third day of school. Yuck. My students this year are gonna need some MAJOR, MAJOR work. I can tell this already.

On the second day of school, I got a gift from Bath & Body Works (yes, its bag has become my new lunch box) from a student's parent. I am not sure if this a good thing or not. Maybe that parent is really appreciative and kind or maybe she is already trying to compensate for the future sh*t the child is going to put me through this year.


I am eating healthier and working out (yes, AGAIN) and this time really sticking with it. I am already seeing some progess. Yay me! But damn ice cream and its irresistable pull in my life!


My parents have a new kitten and I have totally fallen in love with her. Who wouldn't? Just look at this face! My parents are loving this, by the way. I visit much more often.

Well, that's all folks! I haven't forgotten about posting some pics from my summer. I have just been lazy. I will post some soon.