Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have recently become an addict of the Showtime original series Dexter. I heard about the show but had never actually checked it out until a couple of weeks ago when my roommate and I watched every episode of the first season back to back in three days. We couldn't stop watching it! It is sooooo awesome! It has been torture waiting for season two, but this Sunday, I can finally get my fix! I am totally excited!

It's been a while since I have been so gung-ho about anything on television, but that is not what is disturbing me.

You see, Dexter is a forensics detective in Miami. His specialty is blood spatter. He's out there helping to solve gruesome murders and truly making a difference there in Miami. But that's not the only way Dexter is making a difference. How can I put this delicately? Dexter is a serial killer himself! Wait! Don't go judging him yet! He only kills other killers who have slipped through the flawed judicial system. He's sort of a super hero (in a very, very sick, twisted, demented, evil way)!

I am hereby admitting on this blog before all the eyes of fellow bloggers that I have a crush on Dexter. It had to grow on me. I mean, he is a serial killer after all. Plus I was still getting some gayish vibes from him due to envisioning him (Michael C. Hall) on Six Feet Under, where he played the part of a gay man. But he is hot as Dexter.

Still, the fact that I have a crush on America's favorite serial killer is not the most disturbing thing to me. (After all, y'all did read the part where I said he is sort of a super hero in a very, very sick, twisted, demented, evil way, right?) No, the aspect that has stirred such a disturbance in my little mind is the fact that Dexter looks soooooooo much like an ex-boyfriend of mine! I mean, I have a crush on someone that looks like my ex! Ewwwww! What's wrong with me? I think I may need a therapist.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I've been through the desert in a car with no name

Yes, it's true. My car has no name. I think that it is a very sad thing considering how much time we spend together and all the places this car has taken me.

Indeed, we have driven through the southwestern desert together, but that's not all. We've also been through the grandeur of Grand Teton, and Montana, and climbed the highest continually paved road in the United States in the Colorado Rockies. We've traveled through the Great Plains of Kansas, crossed bridges spanning our greatest rivers, and island hopped across the Florida Keys. I think she has earned her right to a name.

My car has been on my mind a lot lately... Probably because I had a fender bender recently and am going to be without my beloved car until I get my rear bumper replaced. This is her boo-boo. Tomorrow she goes in for reconstructive surgery. These little gashes are costing me $545! I sure will miss her while she is in recovery. Lately, I have thought about how much I depend on her, how much fun I've had on trips with her, and how many of my friends have and have had cars with cool names...Judy Jetta, Christine, the Streak, Sue, Sunshine, Rhonda Honda, Ol' Nellie, Hocus Focus, and Clyde.

I am counting on you to help me name my girl! Help me out guys. You see her pic. You know her story. Now help me name my car!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I think I fell into a time warp or something

...because the last time I blogged was forever ago and it seems like just yesterday!

It's no secret that my lust for blogging has faded, but I am not throwing in the towel just yet. I used to blog every other day and now it's once a week at best. Lately, it's been more like every other week. I still have just as much to say as I always did and I am still always on the run to new and fun places, but I don't have as much fun writing about it as I once did. Do any of you other faithful bloggers ever feel like that?

I still enjoy reading other blogs and I still visit the same ones religiously so don't think that just because I sometimes skip comments that I am not reading your blogs. Just because I neglect my own blog doesn't mean I neglect yours.

Now that I have that out of the way, I hope everyone had some fun last holiday weekend. I wasn't able to get very far out of town, but I did catch up on some hiking and visited a couple of local sites that I had never visited before--Panola Mountain State Park and Sweetwater Creek State Park. Panola was kind of boring. You can't even hike to the top of the mountain unless you take the ranger walk only given every so often! But I loved Sweetwater--it was both historic and scenic (two of my favorite qualities when visiting a place). I will post those photos soon.

So now it's Septemeber and my second favorite holiday--Halloween--is fast approaching. I always try to do a trip to somewhere scary and haunted in celebration of Halloween. This year I have at least two fun trips....Wait, let me rephrase that one...I have at least one fun trip and one to a place that I must be crazy to revisit. I am going back one weekend soon to that battlefield on the Georgia-Tennessee border that I wrote about almost a year ago. (It's in my October 2006 Archives if anyone wants to read it.) It's been nearly two years since the night that I lost all courage and nearly peed my pants and I am going back to that place. Peer pressure is a bitch.

I will certainly be blogging about that trip when I go. I am not disappearing from Blogland yet and I am hoping to have many ghost hunting, traveling, hiking, and other tales of adventure to post in the future.