Saturday, October 25, 2008


As I have already said, Halloween in my favorite time of year and I like to celebrate it in many ways. I even like to celebrate it with food! Here are a few places I like to eat while keeping in flavor with the season.

I also already mentioned Six Feet Under as a very cool restaurant across from the historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. It has very yummy food, particularly good seafood. But I guess clever name and views like this are what makes it on my Halloween Eateries list.

This is a view of the restaurant from the cemetery.

And anyone who has ever read this blog knows that The Vortex is an all-seasons favorite of mine. Still, any place that you can walk through a skull's mouth is a must-do Halloween experience. Plus they do add some Halloween decorations to the year-round skeletons inside.

This year, I even dragged my parents here. Yeah, they don't exactly fit in here, but they did have a blast!

Quite possibly, the most exciting thing I found out as far as Halloween eateries go, was the the people who own the Vortex, have just opened a Mexican restaurant in mid-town called Bone Garden Cantina. My friends and I went there last night to check it out and I have to declare that it makes my Halloween Eateries List! As soon as I saw the Mexican skeleton greeting me from the parking lot, I knew this would be a great place!

There were motorcycle ridin' skeletons...

There was a mural of the skeletons celebrating Mexico's Day of the Dead.

And there were devil and angel skeletons who, apparently after throwing down a bottle of Tequila each, discovered that we can all just get along.

My friends didn't even need a bottle of Tequila to have fun together.

And here I am! Notice the skeleton of the Virgin Mary above my head. Is that baby Jesus skeleton standing at her feet?

Well, if Bone Garden Cantina is good enough for Jesus, then it is good enough to be added to my Halloween Eateries List.


The Grunt said...

I need a good burger right now.

Oh yeah, what's this text I get about zombies taking over your car?

Maestro Villain said...

The waiters at the vortex need to learn how to split the check.

Anonymous said...

Jesus' skeleton is likely in Jerusalem

E said...

The Vortex Rocks, we will have to check out the boneyard that sounds cool.